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Game development books you should read

1. "Behind-the-scenes" books

Learning from game industry veterans' wisdom can keep you away from doing some significant mistakes. Having their stories and experience in your mind might help you make a better decision when you stand at a crossroads. Their knowledge will become part of your toolset, and you'll get to advance it on your professional journey.

Some examples of great "behind-the-scenes" books:

2. Art books

From character design to architectural planning, art books are inspiring and educational. Many art books include detailed descriptions of the design process, how the team conveyed the narration through visual aesthetics, what kind of art techniques they used, and more.

Some examples of great game art books:

3. The industry's history books

How did the gaming industry form into what it is today?

What lessons can we learn from the past for a better future?

Dive into the history and look for answers and for more questions (;

Some examples of great game industry history books:

4. Guidance books

When you are looking for some tips and tricks, some industry "secrets," or just to broaden your knowledge in a specific subject. Just pick a topic to dig into - be it game design, programming, game art or other topic.

Some examples of great Guidance books:

5. Game psychology books

Psychology plays a significant part in the gaming experience. Being aware of it can assist in creating better ethical and fun experiences and even therapeutic or pro-social experiences. It is relevant for all kinds of games - from console games to mobile games, from hard-core gaming to casual gaming.

Some examples of great game psychology books:


We hope this post is helpful for you and gives you some ideas on what to read next. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We'd love to know what you think.

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