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Top 5 free resources for Unreal Engine beginner

1) Epic Games - Dev Community Learning Library

Your first stop should be here, Unreal Engine's official learning resource.

A loaded resource with free high-quality educational content in different forms – focused courses, tutorials, full learning paths, and more!

And don't forget to visit the "Snippets" section, where you'll find different blueprints shared by UE community members.

Be sure to share your progress in the Discussion Forums to keep up your motivation and be part of the supportive & great UE community.

2) GDC YouTube channel

Though it is not an Unreal-focused learning resource, you'll find some introductory lectures on game development and production here.

Learn about the industry and how things work, and search for the topics in game development that interest you the most. Then, you'll also be able to focus your Unreal learning path on what interests you the most in the industry.

3) Social media groups & pages

When you run into a problem, when you search for motivation & inspiration from others' dev journey and work – Groups and pages on Social Media are one of the best solutions.

Also, try looking for developers' groups in your location and connect with them.

4) News from the industry & official UE updates

Want to get into the industry? You must stay updated and keep learning what's new. Make sure you are not staying behind.

5) UE Documentation

When you feel comfortable with the engine, look for your specific needs here.


We hope this post is helpful for you and will get you up and running. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We'd love to know what you think.

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